Why you Need to Hire a Professional Vacation Planner

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February 3, 2014
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Why you Need to Hire a Professional Vacation Planner

 …Not just for a safari, but anywhere really!

We hear it often: “travel agents are still around?”   Naturally we have to chuckle at that because the truth is that our business is better and stronger than ever.  Sure technology has had an impact on the way consumers do just about everything, but the agencies who have embraced it have had the ripe opportunity to be better because of it.

We are able to more efficiently manage our clients with everything from communication to destination intelligence.   And when our clients enthusiastically share they have done research on their own, we see it as an opportunity to showcase our knowledge and expertise.  Whether validating their finds or thoughtfully reminding them to not believe everything they read online, we work together to build a dream itinerary.

Beyond dispelling internet rumors, the real meat of why you need to hire a professional travel agent or vacation planner is laid out for you below:

–          Quality:  At Town & Country Travel we are members of the Signature Travel Network.  The network consists of premiere hotels and vendors worldwide that have been intensely vetted so you know you’re getting quality in any product we recommend.

–          Upgrades, amenities and perks:  An assured room with a view, upgrades when available, early check-in, late check-out, hotel/resort credits, spa certificates, access to exclusive tickets or private openings.  These are just a few examples of the perks that you might enjoy when booking with a professional.

–          Itineraries that sing:  A professional travel planner doesn’t just put something together and call it a vacation. Itineraries should be smart and carefully weave the full experience together – something like a symphony.  The opening act should be solid, and with everything from the accommodation reservations to activity and dining recommendations, the itinerary should build up to a heart-thumping crescendo.  When all goes according to plan, the final result is a client that comes home with vacation bliss.* (*barring acts of mother nature and varying circumstances beyond anyone’s control!)

–          Expertise: Access a wealth of knowledge from world travelers who have been there, done that, and have many personal experience data points to compare against.  You simply can’t top the assistance from a professional.  Everyone has their own idea of convenience, comfort and luxury.  “Nearby” to a young, fit person is not nearby to a senior citizen.  Comfort and luxury are also terms that can be deceiving, and when you are following information from a stranger online you have no relative gauge on how their experience compares with yours.  Our vacation planners actively listen to what the client’s needs and interests are so that we can narrow down the world of options (pun intended) to a vacation experience that is fully custom-crafted.  Off the beaten path? Hitting all of the hot spots?  Seeking inspiration and rejuvenation?  We might have a destination suggestion that you never even thought of.

–          What is your time worth?:  It is easy to go deep down a path of clicking away into the wee hours of the morning in the name of research.  By the time you calculate all of the hours you have spent seeking and toiling over options, you could have vacationed around the world in 80 days! Why not go directly to the source of reliable and prudently honed information?

–          Safety:  Simply put: for many destinations, such as Africa and Asia, you do not want to go at it alone.  As much for personal safety as in terms of ensuring all of your official documentation is handled correctly, it is wise to hire a professional to guide you through the process.

–          Costs less than you would think:  Yes, we saved the best for last.  Every agency operates with a different cost structure, but you might be surprised to learn that usually with a nominal booking fee you can have a professional vacation planner at your full service.

At Town & Country Travel we pride ourselves on being innovators of the custom travel experience.  We are committed to creating dream vacations that inspire our clients to remember they only live once.  Through technology and with experience, we have honed better ways to best serve our clients; affording them more time to do what they know and love, while giving us the pleasure to do what we know and love.

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