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Tom & Carolina W, Westlake Village, CA

Tom and I just want to say thank you for such an incredible trip.  We appreciate the outstanding effort put forth by you both to make it an extremely memorable experience. The amazing places we visited, the unbelievable wildlife we saw, and the gracious people we met along the way have made such a lasting impression in our minds.

Mr. and Mrs. Dirks, Thousand Oaks, CA

I had to look up in Webster's the following definitions before sending this email to you both: OVER: beyond some limit or norm, position higher than or above another  TOP: the highest point, the summit to surpass So a Winter "Over the Top" African Safari is now defined as: 'a most memorable trip beyond the highest summit of any and all expectations!' What a lifetime memory and trip that has surpassed anything that we have ever experienced. What we experienced would never have ever happened without Jane and Larry Winter not only planning and organizing, but also being there to see how much satisfaction was gleamed from a venture that cannot truly be described...for one has to actually be there to experience it.  You both delivered on an already high expectation described and shared by others who went before us on a Winter Safari. Our expectation was far exceeded as described by the above definition of "Over the Top".  Our sincerest thank you for making us very happy with a lifetime memory that will always be at the fore front of our minds

The Levy’s, Lake Tahoe, CA

We have so many memories whirling about in our minds and hearts.  We can't begin to express what a treasure you provided in travel to "your" Africa. Thank you.

Karen & Randy, Dallas, TX

As cliche as it sounds, this trip was truly the trip of our lives. After 20 game drives seeing the "big 5" and so much more, a visit to Ebenezer Orphanage, exposure to an African Village, Victoria Falls, boats, small planes and helicopters, fantastic accommodations, sundowners... this was the perfect travel adventure.  All we can say is 'THANK YOU!' - it was over the top and hopefully just the beginning for us and Town & Country. We appreciate everything you did for us and for making the trip so easy and fun and very, very special.

Jan and Dave, Westlake Village, CA

We can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed traveling with you and having the opportunity to see Africa through your eyes. Thank you for an experience we will never forget.

Pam B., Thousand Oaks, CA

This was the most FABULOUS trip. We have been singing its praises form here to Michigan, and don’t know what to praise the most….It took us over a week to get back into our Cal routine, get over jet lag and realize that we were now on our own! What a unique experience it was to be totally taken care of, not having to make decisions about what to wear (khaki!), who to ride with, what to have for dinner, how much to tip, etc. The trip was just pure pleasure, wonder, adventure, gourmet food, and the exhilaration of learning about our fellow creatures. The guides were extraordinary teachers… We keep changing our minds about our favorite part of the trip; which camp, accommodation, guides, meals were the best. Each experience and each camp was outstanding in its own way. The Winter’s are brilliant at introducing variety into the safari, and we realize the process of the build-up to each experience as well…I loved the visit to the orphanage in Zambia. I know what you mean by the “heart” of Africa – we saw it in the faces and huge smiles of the children, and the loving, caring actions of the staff. We have a lot to learn form these folks… Seeing the Okavango Delta from the helicopter at 500 feet was amazing. The giraffes and elephants looked like they had been placed on a child’s play rug… Khwai River was amazing. We loved waking in the morning and greeting the elephants and hippos in the river from right off our porch. And being shown back to our “tent” after dark and seeing an elephant eating the tree beside it was unforgettable. I will never forget sitting in the truck so quietly, observing the animals up close. Being in the midst of a huge herd of Cape Buffalo.  Being backed down the road by a herd of elephants. Watching with my heart in my mouth as the young male lions walked close to our parked vehicle, practically brushing it with their tails… The sundowners in the bush were so memorable. Out would come the white table cloths, liquor, wine bottles, nibbles… the glassware. Then watching the winter African sun set before we headed home to a 5 course dinner with paired wines. What luxury.
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